Google reported last year that  2 million apps actively used Firebase every month.  That number has now spiked to 2.5 million as COVID caused many organizations to look for new ways of keeping people connected.  The spring and summer of 2020 ushered in a new wave of innovation and development.  

At the recent Firebase Summit, global businesses like Gameloft and Alibaba and education startups like Classkick showed off their use of Firebase’s newest features.   Classkick, a full-spectrum learning platform, has its backendpowered by Firebase’s Realtime Database.  Additionally, the fast growing app is supported by Google Cloud. Classkick onboarded thousands of teachers and school administrators over the last several months so that students could continue to learn effectively from home and stay engaged with their teachers and classmates.

There are many new features to Firebase that have developers excited, including the new hosting preview channel that lets you see changes before they are published. Push changes to a preview channel in seconds with a single command and generate an obscured unique URL. The end result is your team can QC the changes quickly and collaborate easily on the next steps.


Explore this and many other new features by reading the official release here.  

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