Why should i deploy to conquest emails?

Trigger Data – Our ability to match consumers intent to purchase is unmatched. We receive a daily file of triggers for in market buyers who have visited specific websites with the past 24 hours in search of a RV.

Our trigger data allows us to generate sophisticated lists comprised of only the most recently active intenders interested in purchasing a RV.


More than half (53%) of RV shoppers use a mobile device in their quest for RV information.

53% of RV Shoppers


More than 60% of emails are opened first on a mobile device.

60% of Emails


Conquest email reaches shoppers on their device of choice during their path to purchase.

100% Conquest


We guarantee 100% delivery of your email campaign. If a message is bounced back, it is immediately. replaced with a valid deliverable record.

100% Delivery

Refined Audience Targeting

We use thousands of key micro-targeting factors in. combination with precise geographical targeting that allow us to custom create the. perfect list that is tailored to reach the. advertisers exact target audience in a true. multi-channel marketing approach.

True CAN-SPAM and CASL Compliance

We use 100% guaranteed opt-in lists. Fastest turnaround time in the industry – We can process, test and deploy a campaign all in the same day.

100% Guaranteed Opt-In