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The process for a successful chiropractic patient recruitment campaign is simple: Start with great technology and a great offer. Find the right people to share the offer with through consumer data.  Talk to those people with Facebook Ads, Retargeting Ads, E-mail Blasts, and Google Adwords.  Then link the ads to a beautiful landing page designed to convert by using forms and tracking pixels that collect information like name and email address.  Nurture the prospective patients from the landing pages with a ChatBot and retarget the people who viewed your website but didn’t convert on Streaming TV. The result: a full-circle marketing program and a pipeline full of new patients and appointments each month!

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If you’re overpaying for your marketing and not getting the results you want, it’s time to take a 30-minute online demo with Coast Technology. We could write paragraph after paragraph about how our advanced technology will help save you money. But we’d rather show you exactly how our services will help your chiropractic practice attract new patients through the power of live marketing and live data from Chiropractor clients of ours.

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