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Video has now become the media of choice for prospective buyers on the web and mobile devices. 80% of all RV shoppers pursue online videos in their research, and half of all RV shoppers watch at least thirty minutes of video during the buying process. Is your dealership engaging RV shoppers with great video content?

We are experts at getting people to click the Facebook ads we create! With our enormous library of ads and our vast experience we can help you isolate which ads will work best for your dealership. Click through to find out more of what we can do for you and your team!

Facebook is hyper focused on making it’s “Marketplace” a destination for consumers to buy RVs… and It’s working. Times change faster than we can possibly keep up with and Facebook is at the forefront of those changes. Their algorithms are constantly adapting to new information and projections for the future. Let us be your bridge to these changes.

You spend thousands of dollars every month driving traffic to your website. Yet, the average dealer converts less than 5% of those Shoppers. Abandoned Shoppers™ gives you instant access to the other 95%; those that Abandoned your website without filling out a form, emailing or calling.

We Capture Customer’s personal data once they enter your competitors’ showroom. Name, address, Email Credit Range & Vehicle Make / Model owned. Knowledge is power they say, so why not have the power in your hands?

Crush your search performance goals with Kenshoo’s decade-long development of advanced machine learning models. Tackle your goals with flexibility, transparency, and confidence. From bids to budgets, from execution to planning, our award-winning algorithms drive maximum results, even across your customized business metrics.

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It’s an old saying that remains true: “Your RV isn’t for sale if it isn’t priced right.” Today’s customers know where RVs should be priced, and dealers too often don’t pay attention. RVP solves the problem. It gives you guidance to ensure every RV is priced right, for you and your customers.

For some time, RV Dealers have used Television advertising. Many of those same dealers didn’t have the budgets to advertise on TV Stations ranging from TBS to CBS in Prime Time. Now, it’s possible for those with and without TV budgets to advertise through Connected TV & Over The Top Devices

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Trigger Data – Our ability to match consumers intent to purchase is unmatched. We receive a daily file of triggers for in market buyers who have visited specific websites within the past 24 hours in search of a RV. Our trigger data allows us to generate sophisticated lists comprised of only the most recently active intenders interested in purchasing a RV.

This is where Local Search Optimization will be! I don’t have anything for this currently but we will adjust this in the near future! … Okay one last thing… I know I’m going to get some hate for saying this… But I like Jar Jar Binx! I think he is a fun whimsical character and I’m not sorry for it!